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Why Join the soma & soul Community?

Soma & Soul is your online Sanctuary to come home to your body.

Our programs are curated to deepen your relationship with your WHOLE self with movement that stems from the heart and is guided by the breath.

Emma Gourlie Somatic Healing Yoga Instructor Costa Rica Retreat
Emma Gourlie Somatic Healing Yoga Instructor Costa Rica Retreat

reduce stress

increase resilience

improve mood

more self-compassion

Discover Our OFFERINGS

Soma & Soul Signature Session

A Soma & Soul Session is a combination of breathwork, energy work and Embodiment Yoga tailored to your specific needs to help bring you home to your body, release stagnant energy and connect with your Soul Essence. These are one-on-one with limited availability.

Lunar Bloom: Awaken to the Phases of the Moon

Through this mat-based practice, we move in fluid and non-linear ways to unlock and tap into the divine spiral, exploring the body through a feminine lens. Pausing for contemplation, conversation and finishing with rest. This class is meant to honour the Moon at her full gestation, her peak point of illumination that shines light into the entire spectrum of our being. This allows a birds-eye view of what is working and what is not. We take time to acknowledge what will stay, give space to shed what is ready to go and breathe into what is.


Women’s Retreats

Emma often collaborates with other wellness practitioners to create beautiful weekends to connect and uplift Women. Be sure to join the email list and be the first to know when they are launched.

Emma Gourlie Somatic Healing Yoga Instructor Journal

Upcoming Events & Signature Sessions

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Meet emma

I am a Creator, Space Holder, Energy Facilitator and Embodied Movement teacher who primarily works with women seeking to find their way back home to their bodies, bring harmony to the nervous system and find belonging through movement, ritual and community.

Emma Gourlie Somatic Healing Yoga Instructor Costa Rica Retreat


your first meditation for free


Duration 13:16

I would love to offer you a complimentary meditation to introduce you to soma & soul.


How Somatic Awareness, Movement, Restorative Yoga & Sound Enhances Our Lives

Reduce Stress

There are many different types of breath techniques that can be used to calm the body, often just extending the exhale breath can help slow down a racing heart. Slow, mindful practices in combination with breath and stillness can provide a space for the body to calm down and feel at peace. Specific music and sound tools are also beneficial in soothing the mind and body creating a calming experience. Consistent practice allows the body to have the time and space to slow down amidst the busyness of modern life. 

Increase Resilience

Through Yoga we learn to befriend the body, mind and spirit-developing self awareness and discernment. Consistent  practice helps to build tolerance and regulation of the breath, body and emotions by providing support through props, choice in postures, self-exploration and space  to lean in and lean out of sensation.


Improve Mood

Movement allows the body to express and release stagnant energy and release feel-good endorphins. Upbeat music can aid in this process by increasing the chemicals in the brain related to happiness and joy. Calming music/sound relaxes the body, mind and spirit. 


More Self-Compassion

Yoga means to yoke or unite, in regards to compassion, Yoga provides a space to arrive how you are without pressure to change and invites all the pieces of our self to show up, with this permission you can then take the time to sit with and process emotions in a non-judgmental space which allows greater compassion in day-to-day life.

"The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you."

David Lynch

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